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VIDEO: In Memory of Jurgen Forster

March 27, 2018

Dear Friends,


It has been a year since my husband Jurgen passed away after his battle with cancer. This first year alone started in a state of shock and sadness for me, but the thriving environment of International Ballet and the Academy has been a cradle of support, love and family. I can’t tell you how I appreciate all the concern that was offered and provided. It truly helped to begin to fill a void in my heart.


In memory of Jurgen, and to fulfill his wish to provide scholarships for boys studying ballet, I am continuing an annual request for your financial support for the Jurgen Forster Boys Scholarship Fund.

There are currently 10 boys, ages 8 through 17 that benefit from this scholarship - double what we had last season. The cost to the ballet is $13,800. in this school year. I am grateful for donations in any amount, because it’s so important to attract and keep boys in dance. What would the ladies do without a partner? We need your help. Won’t you join me in giving to the Jurgen Forster Boys Scholarship Fund and honoring the legacy of the man that helped make both International Ballet and the Academy a reality?

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and goes directly into paying tuition for boys at IBA.


You can send a check payable to International Ballet to 1018 S. Batesville Rd., Greer, SC 29650 and make a note "for the Jurgen Forster Boys Scholarship." Or simply click on the link below and follow instructions to make a donation on-line.




Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Lena Forster

Scholarship Recipient Testemonials

"It makes me feel happy to dance with other kids. I’m so grateful for the people who donated money to support the Jurgen Forster Boys Scholarship because, thanks to them, there are more boys joining dance and that helps the girls because the boys present the girls."
-Gaulthier (age 9)
"P.S. Ballet is a great dance for everybody thanks to you! "


"At first, I was doing ballet to see how it was, but now I am always excited to go to class. It is great that I can express myself by moving my body and dancing. With more practice, I want to be able to dance on stage with more confidence. Lastly, I am really thankful for all the people that donated for the Jurgen Boys Scholarship program."
-Shin (age 13)


"With four older sisters taking ballet here, my parents pay for ballet. And I’ve been wanting to learn to pick up the girls since I was 3. What taking dance means to me is that when I was younger, I would go into the studio after my sister’s class and leap over the mats. Back then I was afraid to leap with the class. With no boys in that class, I was scared."
-Sam F (age 8)


"I love ballet because dancing always makes it so I don't have to think about anything else…it is my escape from the rest of the world. IBA has been so nice and accepting of me with warm hearts despite my lack of any dancing experience. I have been dancing since June 2017 and have been loving it more and more every day. The sponsorship I have received has helped me tremendously because attending classes would not be an option without them. I’m so grateful for IBA and those who have made my ballet journey possible!"
-Landon (age 12)


"What I like about ballet is that I really like dance and that there is no talking – just dance – to tell the story. I also like my teachers. They are nice and helpful. I really like The Nutcracker. I was in it once. I was a Baby Mouse. What I most like doing in my classes is handstand push-ups. I also get to make friends while I am waiting to start class (and after class). I am grateful for the people who are supporting our IBA company. I hope more boys dance. It’s great!"
-Sam S (age 8)


"Dance is a way for me to express myself. I love to put my personality into everything I do, and it helps me cope with the things that I may be dealing with. And definitely a way to praise God for everything he has done for me. Also with all the support from my friends and family, I feel that dance is my way of giving back to those who give, and sacrifice so much for me on a day to day basis."
-Gabriel (age 17)


"I like ballet because it exercises your arms, legs, abs, and shoulders. My favorite....is jumping. I like it because it strengthens your legs, helps you pull up and turn out. I’m grateful to those who donate so I can learn under great teachers like Miss Liz and Ms. Lena."
-Wills (age 9)


"I like dance because my sister motivated me to try it. In 2014, when I was 7 years old, I took my first ballet class with Ms. Lena.....and not too much later, I had made many more friends. Ballet benefits me because I love doing it- it is challenging and that makes it fun!"
-Daniel (age 11)


"The question was “why I like to dance,” but for me it really should be “why I LOVE to dance.” It is a way of communicating using what you were naturally given. ...the concept of dance can’t be watered down to a simple answer. Dance is more of a transfer from your mind to your body. Creating pure art. The people who donate and support our dancers are the ones who make it all happen. The support and love from our donors moves us towards our goal in the world of dance."
-MezzMyhr (age 14)
"I like ballet because it’s fun to do and it inspires me to work very hard every time. I thank Mrs. Lena and her family for the scholarship."
-Donovan (age 8)

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